Lifestyle and Property Choices in West Sussex

Lifestyle and Property Choices in West Sussex

The recent pandemic and lockdown have allowed many people to pause and re-evaluate their lifestyle and property choices. The place we call home has more than ever become the place we live, work, connect with family and seek sanctuary from the outside world. We can see this re-evaluation in the type of enquiries we are receiving at Property Acquisitions.

Why move to West Sussex

At the start of lockdown there were a huge number of people leaving London to escape to the country; a lucky few to their second homes and many others, who rather than wait to sell up and purchase, decided to rent in West Sussex. After two months in this wonderful rural location in properties with more outside space and cleaner air to breathe, people are reluctant to go back to the fast pace of London. This means there are interesting times and changes ahead for the property market. The discussions taking place between couples and families who have experienced a lifestyle change over the past couple of months are now filtering through to property search enquiries for West Sussex.

Property searches in West Sussex

At Property Acquisitions based in the wonderful Downland village of Lavant, I have experienced an influx of enquiries with many clients longing to move from London to West Sussex. The lockdown period has been interesting as we all thought there would be a complete slowdown with the difficulties surrounding viewings and house transactions, but quite the opposite. We have been busier than ever with new clients registering. These clients are serious buyers who employ the services of Property Search Agents only if they are in a position to proceed.

The appeal of a West Sussex Lifestyle

As increasing numbers of people and business owners have been forced to work from home, they have discovered the flexibility of operating outside London. They have experienced a taste of a more peaceful approach to working life, avoiding the intensity of a daily commuter life fighting to reach a city office. They have discovered they are not only working more efficiently but also achieving that elusive work life balance by being able to spend more time with family. In the beautiful environment of West Sussex where you can choose to live in the country or on the coast, people have reflected on what is important during lockdown and are choosing a slightly less pressurised pace.

Property choices changing for all generations

Over recent weeks this changing mindset has resulted in a rush of serious buyers to the Chichester area with all the neighbouring villages offering so many attractions. I have also seen that the traditional ‘weekendies‘ are re-thinking this too with the dread of returning to the Big Smoke late on Sunday. The sinking ‘back to school feeling’ that many adults continue to have, will now change as they update a weekend retreat to a home in the county and a pad in London for the odd day or two of work meetings.

What is interesting is that this change no longer applies just to those with an established career and children, but spans all generations. Successful university graduates starting their own businesses this year and no longer able to access the ‘bright lights of city life’ are able to access the latest technology and a quality of life that is very different from only a few years ago, especially now it has been ‘tried and tested’ during lockdown.

Having experienced the fast track, young families now need more space and time spent outdoors with children. While the slightly older generation after many years of a regimented lifestyle dictated by work and commuting now want to jump off the ‘hamster wheel‘ and find a peaceful home in the country. They will now do exactly this. I wonder whether all this means our roads will be quieter and our lives healthier and happier? I do hope so.

Take your first step to a West Sussex life with Property Acquisitions

I have been helping people move to West Sussex for over 20 years. If you have experienced a different way of life during lockdown and want to make it more permanent please do call me, Jennie on 01243 531133. I would love to hear from you.

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