How Successful Search Agents Find Off-Market Properties

How Successful Search Agents Find Off-Market Properties

Successful search agents rely on a depth of local knowledge which can only be learned over many years of working in property in a particular area. Since the property business is as much about ‘who you know as what you know’, this detailed knowledge of the area combined with a powerful network is why Jennie Hancock is such a pioneering, successful search agent in West Sussex. Jennie reveals how her deep understanding of the local area and her exclusive network uncovered a hidden gem for a fortunate client.

The Client’s Brief

Jennie’s client, who had been registered for approximately 6 months gave a detailed brief for their desired property. Primarily, a unique location within a 5-mile range of local schools as the client emphasised the importance of an easy school run. Compared to the location, the client noted that the square footage of the property was not of equivalent importance.

“Patience is key for both search agent and client. If you are prepared to wait you can be rewarded with a wonderful property.” - Jennie Hancock

Acquiring Off-Market Property

A chance conversation with an acquaintance alerted Jennie to the imminent sale of a particular property she had first encountered in 1997. Initially owned by the Goodwood estate, the original cottage burned down in 1992, leading to the owners employing prestigious Sussex architect Neil Holland to help lead the reconstruction. Neil designed a versatile, beautiful, Georgian house; the aesthetics honouring the style of the era the house originated from.

The Rubbing house is built from brick and flint, with a separate coach house, terrace, and gardens, boasting beautiful views of The Trundle, The South Downs, Goodwood Race Course, Chichester Harbour, and The Isle of Wight.

The Work of a Search Agent

Acting immediately on the conversation regarding the imminent sale, Jennie initiated the process of acquiring this property based on the similarity between the features of this house and the client’s brief. Her concrete network led her to leading estate agent Savills’ offices in London and Petworth, who assisted her in the property evaluation. Jennie then swiftly organised a viewing for her client, leading to the acquisition of this exclusive property before the house was listed publicly. The beauty of the transaction was that it worked perfectly for both buyer and seller as the seller avoided a barrage of viewings with Jennie’s introduction of one strong committed buyer.

All parties were delighted, not least the new owner of this remarkable house: “Jennie provided a first-class service throughout the transaction and crucially, using her wealth of contacts established over 30 years in the property industry, managed to source a unique, dream house completely off market”.

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